All Students Deserve to Get ONboard

All students deserve the opportunity to take AP classes and work towards college credit in high school. Unfortunately, not all students have the background knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for the rigors of a college-level course. ONboard addresses that need.

This revolutionary new program was designed to help all students prepare for success before their classes even begin by giving them a foundational knowledge that they can build on. For some, this product may be an introduction to the skills and information, and for others a concentrated review. But for all students, Onboard levels the playing field and allows them to hit the ground running on Day 1 of their AP course.

ONboard is…

  • Convenient & Accessible
  • Interactive
  • Robust
  • Research-Based
  • Text Independent
  • Affordable

ONboard can be purchased for an entire class, or by individual students, and can be accessed from any Internet connected computer. It’s appropriate for all students as an introduction or review of core topics, no matter what textbook will be used in the course.

Every student deserves a fair shot at success in AP courses and beyond. Get your students ONboard, and you won’t just hope they’re ready. You’ll know!

How will ONboard Help Students?

ONboard is an online, interactive learning program designed to help incoming AP students learn or review key skills, concepts and background information that will give them a foundation to build on in their AP course, making them more successful in the class and on the AP exam.

With its modular format, ONboard allows students to learn at their own pace and revisit challenging topics and concepts as needed to prepare them to make relevant content connections to their AP coursework. Interactive activities and quizzes throughout each module give students check-points and immediate feedback to evaluate and ensure comprehension.

How will ONboard Help Teachers?

ONboard was created after extensive research with a team of Advanced Placement teachers and experts who helped to identify the subject area skills and information that incoming students generally struggle with as they enter their AP classes.

Teachers who assign ONboard before their AP classes begin will:

  • Save time on preparing their own summer assignments
  • Spend less time on remediation once the course starts
  • Know where all students stand on Day 1 of the class
  • Be confident all students are better prepared for the rigors of AP coursework

A final comprehensive assessment for each ONboard product gives teachers robust reporting so they have a clear picture of any skill or knowledge gaps their students may have at the beginning of the school year. These gaps can then be addressed quickly and efficiently, before students fall behind.

Who Created ONboard?

ONboard was created after extensive research into the challenges that AP students and teachers face. We started with hundreds of surveys that guided the development of initial prototypes. Focus Groups of AP experts weighed in on the scope and sequence, subject matter strengths and weaknesses, as well as changes to design that would make the user experience more student friendly.

An Advisory Board of Experts finalized each product’s scope and sequence, and worked extensively with a team of editors to create a product that would address the specific needs of incoming AP students.